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During the summer Budva is host to many famous artist from the world of theatre, music, film...
But the two most significant festivals held in Budva every summer are "The theatre city Budva" and "Music festival Budva".

theatre city Budva

"Theatre city" also conveyed by the festival is the fact that Budva, the whole town, is a large theatre, that in the summer months during the festival it places itself at the disposal of artists invited to speak to the inhabitants of the town. To all visitors who in modern times are called tourists and to one another, as if it had been created so that artists could become acquainted with one another and demonstrates the results of their art.
In other worlds, everything that the hand of builders erected in this pearl of the Montenegrin coast is left to the imagination of artists who find places amid the stones of the Old City, one big stage, whether under the skies, on the highest parts of the Citadel, on a sandy beach washed by the sea, on squares enclosed by ancient habitats, in the portal of a small church or inside venerable buildings dedicated to the spirituality of this city which has existed for centuries.
When, stone by stone, Budva rose from the ruins after the earthquake of 1979., one of the most important undertakings was founding the festival - The Theatre City of Budva. In eight seasons the Theatre City became Yugoslavia's leading open-air festival. This is a festival which invites the most important theatre events on the territory of the trird Yugoslavia, a kind of synthesis of these events. In the family of Yugoslav festivals it has a distinctive physiognomy.
The Budva Theatre City is already registred on the densely populated map of European festivals as a specific open-air festival primary thanks to its distinctive profile where it not for the embargo, there would have been more foreign troupes.
No less significant at the Budva festival is its music events characterized by the high criteria displayed in the choice of repertoire. Secondary festival events in the domain of the fine arts are part of the Budva concept of lasting artistic values.
Poet's Square will be discussed separately, but it represents an organic part of the Budva Theatre City .
The festival and Poet's Square complement one another since the poets and other literary personalities are joined by the actors, festival guests, many actors going straight from Poet's Square to their dressing rooms to make up and concentrate on their performance. This poet-actor collaboration symbolizes the connection between poetry and drama, collaboration which began in Europe in the open-air over twenty five years ago and continues today.


music festival Budva

"Music festival Budva" - one of the most significance music festivals at the Mediterranean takes place in Budva every summer. This festival promotes characteristic Mediterranean songs. At the festival participate well-know singers from the states of the Mediterranean coast such as Totto Cotugno, Al Bano, Boney M., Zdravko Čolić, Goran Bregović...


Petrovac Jazz Fest

"Petrovac Jazz Fest"
NGO "Urban Cult" is non-profitable, nongovernment organization, which started Petrovac Jazz Festival on Montenegrin coast in 2007. Performers of all kinds of jazz music, beside concerts, preserved side programs like performans, workshops, expositions and other alternative programs. With this first Petrovac Jazz Fest in calendar of festivals in the world and through it, we received recognized place, by many other world festivals.






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