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The varied relief is a real treasure. Too many coves, cliffs, islands, and reefs (the largest island is Sveti Nikola, two kilometers long), and particularly the existence of 17 lovely beaches are of great importance for developing holiday centers. That is a distinctive tourist area is seen in the fact that Becici (800m, different colours and granulation) was proclaimed by international experts (Paris, 1935.) the most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. Since it represents a natural heritage, the beaches of the Budva Riviera are under special protection.

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jaz mogren slovenska plaža sveti nikola guvance bečići kamenovo pržno kraljičina plaža miločer sveti stefan drobni pijesak perazića do petrovac buljarica lučice


Beach Jaz is one of the three largest beaches on the Montenegrin Coast. It is 1200m long and it is 2.5 km north from Budva.
Jaz is a sandy beach, both in the water and on the beach. It is ideal for campers because in its background is situated a camp with the capacity of 2000 places. It is surrounded by dense Mediterranean vegetation.

Area: 22500 m2

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Mogren beach is made of 2 smaller beaches with the total length of 350 m. Beaches are connected with the tunnel and they spread from the cape Mogren to the Vidikovac Hotel. The extraordinary sand makes this beach one of the most beautiful in Montenegro. In 2004 the Mogren beach got the blue flag which is the symbol of the beaches that have clear. It is situated at 150m from the Old town of Budva and a concrete strand leads towards it. The beach got its name after the Spanish mariner Morgini who disembarked here after a shipwreck.

Area: 4500 m2

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Slovenska plaža

The name was given by Bohemian tourists who spent their vacation in Budva in 1935. and it stretches from the City marine to the Park hotel and it is 1600m long. This is also a sandy beach and a hotel complex with the same name is situated in its backgrounds. The beach also possesses few sport grounds.

Area: 24800 m2

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slovenska plaza

Saint Nikola

The inevitable part of the Riviera is the island Saint Nicholas, at the distance lesser than 1km from Budva. It has 3 sandy beaches with total length of 840m and the island is covered with various Mediterranean vegetations. The most beautiful beaches are situated on the south part of the island and those are reachable only by boat.

Area: 2700 m2

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island Saint Nikola


This beach is known more under the name "The small Beach'' It is situated under the strand leading from Budva to Becici. This is a sandy beach too. There is a cafe bar on this beach where you can have a cold refreshment. The beach faces West and you can enjoy in its unforgettable sunsets

Area: 950 m2

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The Bečići beach, with the length of 1800m, has been awarded as the most beautiful Mediterranean beach. It is a sandy beach. In its background you will find innumerous objects which will make your staying even more pleasant.

Area: 99000 m2

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Kamenovo beach is 330m long and it is situated between Becici and Przno. This is a sandy beach with the turquoise colour of water.

Area: 10500 m2

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Przno beach stretches from cape Kamenovo to cape Milocer . It is a sandy beach, 260m long. Above the beach is situated a typical Mediterranean village with the same In the vicinity of this beach is situated a newly renovated hotel Maestral and various bars. The sunset watching from this beach is something you shouldn't miss!

Area: 4300 m2

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Queen's beach

At the 500m distance from Sveti Stefan is situated one of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean, the Queen's beach. It faces West and offers the amazing sunset. It is a small beach, 200m long. It is situated under the former summer residence of the King Alexander Karadjordjevic. This was a favourite beach of his wife, Queen Marija.

Area: 1950 m2

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queen's beach


Milocer beach is also known under the name of "King's beach". It is situated next to the Queen's beach and it is surrounded by 18 acres of park which have some exotic species such as: Lebanon cedar, tropical mimosa, cactus, agaves and many others. The beach is 280m long and it is also a sandy beach.

Area: 7400 m2

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Sveti Stefan

On this most attractive place on the Adriatic coast we meet with the vary rare natural phenomena - tombola. It is a sandy isthmus which connects the island and the land. From both sides of the tombola are situated sandy beaches, one of each side. The colour of sand is pink and the beach is 1170 m long. Hotel Sveti Stefan is situated on the island and in the vicinity you will find a diving club, restaurants, cafe bars, parking, park...

Area: 14600 m2

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sveti stefan

Drobni pijesak

Going south, towards Petrovac we meet with inumerous small, secluded beaches, most of them approachable only by water. Beach Drobni pijesak stands out for its beauty. It is 250m long and it is the favourite beach of the local people.
In the past, on this beach was held the assembly of the Pastrovici brotherhood leaders called Bankada.

Area: 5000 m2

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drobni pijesak

Perazića do

Beach Perazića Do is situated in a cove under the Rezevici Monastery. It is a small, sandy beach 40m long. Next to the beach is situated the AS hotel as well as the marine for small boats.

Area: 540 m2

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perazića do

Petrovac beach

Sandy beach 600 m long with the red colour of sand is one of the most frequented beaches on the Riviera. The special charms of the beach are two small islands in its vicinity. In its background are situated hotels "Palas", "Riviera" and "4. July".

Area: 9525 m2

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petrovac beach


Very beautiful beach which although is much frequented remained naturally untouched. It is situated 500m south from the Petrovac beach. It has a form of a small bay and it is 220m long. It is also a sandy beach surrounded by pine forest and few bars.

Area: 4250 m2

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This is probably the grates potential of the Montenegrin Coast . The cove stretches from the cape Resove to the cape Dubovica and this is the longest beach on the Riviera. It is situated 1km south from Petrovac and it is 2250 long, sandy beach. In its background there is couple of camps and resorts.

Area: 72850 m2

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